Commercial VCT Stripping & Waxing

stripandwaxpics28If you wish to maintain a neat and tidy business at all times, commercial VCT (vinyl composite tile) stripping and waxing service is absolutely vital. We specialize in those services here at Steven Dillon Floor Maintenance. If you love sparkling clean flooring and wonderful customer service, we’re a company that can truly make you smile.

Our VCT stripping and waxing services are important for numerous reasons. First off, they do away with unsightly old remnants of wax and grime. These things can be off-putting to employees, customers and clients alike. Secondly, they can provide your flooring with a radiant and fresh new finish that’s welcoming and that creates an atmosphere of pure cleanliness. If you want enticing flooring that’s devoid of cracks, chips and debris, our company’s services are the way to go.

The professionals who work at Steven Dillon Floor Maintenance are all experienced technicians. They’re updated on all of the most efficient and most effective VCT stripping and waxing techniques available. They know how to properly look after tile flooring. They know gorgeous and clean flooring in general.

If safety is a big concern for you (as it should be), we make an excellent company choice. We’re happy to announce that our cleaning formulas and tools are all safe and high-quality. If you want to clean your floors using mild and gentle solutions that also happen to be strong and capable, you’ll love our cleaning products.

If you’re searching for top-notch commercial VCT stripping and waxing assistance, call us at Steven Dillon Floor Maintenance today to make an appointment. We’re devoted to excellent flooring work. We’re also devoted to amazing customer service.